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Swirlspace SustainAbilities

Swirlspace offers creative services for Sustainably-minded projects, companies and organizations. We have 16 years of professional design experience and offer diverse capabilities and styles including custom Eco-Fashion Design.

CREATIVITY { not just button-pushing }
We come from the old school of hand-drawn concepting on sketchbooks, tracing paper and napkin corners, where visualizing is more fluid than photoshop effects. Of course we use computers, but we work organically, weaving in 'n out of mechanical structures, beyond box-like limitations and imitations. We offer diverse styles suitable for any target audience.

BEYOND RECYCLING { sustainable solutions }
We help nurture the planet and its people. Think PRE-cycling, or Regenerative design. Intelligent holistic systems and long-term visioning can supercede wasteful practices. Eco-friendly alternatives exist for most situations. We launched our own Hemp clothing line in spring 2000 to project our unique design perspective and have been actively involved in the Sustainability movement ever since.

BUILDING CREATIONSHIPS { not business-as-usual }
We relate to our clients with genuine warmth and friendliness, building longterm co-operative relationships. The better we understand your perspectives and concerns as a real person, the more effectively we can present your project with positive impact upon your target market. We take pride in paying attention to the finer details to make each project extra special.


ECO-FASHION { Clothing/Tshirts, Promotional Items }
IDENTITY { Logos, Icons, Symbols }
~ ILLUSTRATION { Posters, Books, Artwork }
~ COLLATERAL { Letterhead, Brochures, Catalogs }
~ PACKAGING { Food, Products }
~ ELECTRONICA { User Interface, Websites }



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