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~ Men ~

Hemp Sleeveless Tee
Hemp T-Shirts
Hemp LS Shirts
Hemp LS Patchprint

~ Women ~

Mariposa TieTop
Sweetheart Tanktop
Hempire Top
Hemp T-Shirts
Hemp Hottie Shorts
Hemp Yogapri Pants
Hemp Yoga Pants
Hemp Lounge Pants
Short Wrap Skirt
Overpantz Skirt

~ Accessories ~

Hemp Socks
Hemp Cuffs
Hemp Gloves

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Swirlspace Design: Graphic Design & Custom Clothing design services for Sustainably-minded Biz/Orgs. Check out our graphic design portfolio.



swirlspace products

Swirlspace celebrates 10 years making hemp clothes in the USA!

Swirlspace launched April 20, 2000 — and still kicking 10 years later!

Our versatile hemp clothing honors the dynamic flow within your body, mind and planet.

We love to make people feel good about what they choose to wear. So we make our sustainable hemp fashion while considering your comfort, style and awareness.

Made in USA. Fair & Local Labor

Made in San Francisco!
Since 2000

Most of our clothing is made using Fair local labor, right down the street from our design studio! We also use a local dyehouse and printshop, and STILL manage to keep our prices quite accessible...



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