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Verbal Swirl
still mixing it up in the brain )

Register and Vote! And vote intelligently for those that have some intelligence and a genuine sense of Truth and Compassion for the rest of us. And Enough Bush already!

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We don't like to bitch about how it IS, we'd rather be ProActive in thinking up solutions to the "problems". We think we have it pretty good, relatively speaking. And we dream up better ways of how it could be. Always new ideas, products, and schemes to reach the mainstreams in a positive light.

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If you're ever in San Francisco, dont miss the cliffs!

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We're seeking partners to collaborate with us on many random projects. If you or anybody you know has some spare time, some investment money, and good business sense, we could make up a job opening for you :)

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If you like what you see, can relate to the thinking, and would like to hire Swirlspace for your project that doesn't necessarily correspond to what we do EXACTLY, please contact us with your wildhair idears.

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And of course we welcome projects that require travel to any kind of exotic paradisical locations. Make a pitch!

thank you for reading, check back for more random thoughts...

Have a beautiful day!




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